WOOLRIOR - Woolrior

Environmentally Friendly Socks That Last A Lifetime


Hi, this is us, and yes, of course we are all wearing Woolrior socks.

We live on two continents, separated by an ocean and we work in businesses
that are very competitive and difficult, especially having in mind China
produced low quality and low price garments. And on both continents, we
suffer the consequences of increasing waste disposal, most of it coming
from fast fashion.We decided to join forces and try to develop socks that are
eco friendly, socks that are durable, that are made mostly of natural yarn.
But not in the cost of NASA project.
Socks might be just socks to most people, but the quest to find the
longest lasting socks known has been our driving force for the last few years.
After all, why shouldn’t socks last a lifetime?
We demanded sock perfection and spent years testing current brands on the
market and testing different type of merino wools.
At the end we realized that compromising quality isn’t worth it!
That's why the wool we chose for our Woolriors is the best on the market
- it undergoes "Naturetex plasma treatment" - an award - winning technology
which is certified for organic use and ecofriendly because of the applied chlorine free process.
The merino wool we use is durable, but gentle to the skin,
it is naturally antimicrobial and will keep your feet odorless and dry.

Reducing our clothing impact is one of the many things we can do!

Fast fashion, with it’s rapid production cycles of low quality garments,
contributes to excessive consumption and wastefulness with
worrying impact on Earth.
Worldwide, the fashion industry is the Second dirtiest right after the Oil Industry.


  • on state-of-the-art equipment abiding by the highest quality standards
  • from plasma treated
  • with chlorine free technology
  • guaranteed for life
Woolrior merino socks are a game changer!

The world is looking for lasting everything right now. We’re all aware of the
detrimental impact the way we live is having on the environment.
We watch what we throw away more carefully than ever,
and we’re all recycling as much as we can.
Woolrior socks as the name suggests, are hardwearing,
super comfortable footwear that’s designed to last a lifetime.
We’re so confident that they’ll handle wherever your feet take them,
each and every pair comes with a lifetime warranty.

So now, we are proud to present our ecofriendly, guaranteed for life Woolrior socks!

Our running Woolriors are the ONLY running socks made of Fine Merino wool on 200 needles, guaranteed for life!

Designed in California, Made in EU

And we went further - we designed our woolriors in beautiful colors!

Running socks colors!


Hiking socks colors!


Who'll Wear Woolrior?

How many times have you reluctantly thrown a favorite pair of socks away because they’ve worn out?
Well, guess what? Woolrior socks will become your new favorite
socks and you’ll never have to throw them out. Ever.
If you get Woolrior socks for Christmas, you’ll be able to cross socks off your
Christmas wish list forever, because you won’t need anymore socks
– unless you want Santa to bring you more pairs of Woolriors!


Why Woolrior Socks Are The Most Durable Socks You'll Ever Pull On Your Feet

We are only limited by the most advanced materials and technologies.
We bet there are no socks, as fine as ours, in your drawers back home
that come with a lifetime warranty. No socks, made of the highest quality merino,
that will last and last and last, no matter what you put them through.
Isn’t it about time you demanded more durability from your socks?
It’s no longer acceptable for them to wear thin or spring holes after a few wears.
Not when Woolrior socks offer a great alternative with a lifetime guarantee.


A great pair of socks should be as durable as they are comfortable.
We’ve used the Martindale Abrasion Test to compare our product to the
average sock. The average sock breaks at 3,500 cycles,
while Woolrior withstands 12,500 cycles with no sign of damage.


Premium wear, easy care

Woolrior combines everything you want in a premium wool sock with the easy care everyone with a busy life needs.


Why We Need Your Backing

We’ve spent years researching and developing Woolrior socks,
to such an extent that we are confident enough in their staying power
to offer a lifetime warranty with every pair. That’s going
to give us something strong to hang our marketing hats on.
And that’s where you come in. Because we need funding to make our
marketing campaigns happen, and to help us move into mass production of our high spec,
long lasting socks. Help us bring socks with warranties to a world that’s ready
for socks that last the distance and won’t get thrown into the trash can like
regular socks.Woolrior socks will be priced to be affordable for everyone.
And remember, they are long-lasting, so you will save on having to buy socks in the future


Woolrior Running Socks $16
Woolrior Hiking socks $22
We are offering a 23%-31% discount to people who back our crowdfunding campaign.
And if you pledge before [the 5th day after the start] you’ll get an
early bird special deal of 33% off.

Why You Should Back Us

Unless you’re planning to spend the rest of your life living on a beach
wearing flip flops, you’re going to need socks. And why waste money
on socks that won’t last, when you can buy socks that are guaranteed
to last you a lifetime? Socks are the most underrated item of clothing
we wear every day. We take them for granted, but we really notice the
difference when they’re not there. Woolrior socks will always be there.
Let us do the legwork for you, and deliver the best socks you can currently buy!

Can't Contribute Right Now?
No Problem...

We get it that not everyone has the spare cash to support our campaign.
But you can still help us out by spreading the word about our campaign across social media.
Our official campaign hashtag is #SocksForLife which sums up the lasting
power of Woolrior, and it also refers to the fact that we will donate $1
of every pair of socks we sell to support / diabetes or/ children leukemia research.
What’s more, if our crowdfunding campaign is successful, we’re going to offer
all active military personnel and police officers a permanent 20% discount
on Woolrior socks.
Because we think people who spend so much time on their feet deserve to have the best socks on their feet.